Downsizing Your Home Tips for Moving House

Did it happen to you to look at your possessions and start to wonder where all of them came from? Have you asked yourself what you have to do get rid of them, while deep down you know you don’t want to simply throw away the belongings you care so much about? If you have had such experience, then you are probably aware of the importance of keeping your home arranged, when the time to move house comes. Here we have prepared some helpful hints for you about how to properly downsize and avoid being stuck in piles of redundant items during your removal:

• Checking the storage availability of your new home is a crucial moment, because you certainly have to know what is the kind and size of the space you can use for all your items. It will really make sense if you make the assessment enough time before you start moving in so that you will be able to plan the exact way your storage requirements will be met. You have to pay a huge amount of attention to the kitchen and the closet, because these are the places in a house that are most likely to be filled with the biggest part of a household’s belongings.

• Get the sketches of your future home and make a floor plan. For best results you should measure your current furniture and leave all the pieces that simply cannot fit, should go. There are various ways possible to dispose of them – you can try to sell or donate or do whatever you want, as long as you do not have them loaded in the moving vehicle. Trying to crunch your old and extensive mattresses in your new, modern and a bit narrower bed would be nothing more than an exhausting and absolutely meaningless experience.


• Take care of all your storage areas and make sure that every kind of waste is no longer stored there. Check thoroughly every single area in your home, including all drawers and the entire closet. When you start cleaning them out, you will find so many things you can move forward without. Put a little effort and separate your favourite possessions from those whose existence you have forgotten.

• There surely are at least a few items you will never need again, so the sooner you decide to get rid of them, the more free space you will ensure in the moving vehicle for the really important ones. So it would be great if you sit down for several minutes and give it a thought about which of your stored belongings you will actually use in your future home. Think also about how big part of your luggage you are sure you will never need. Whatever the answer is, you will certainly find that some things just do not have to be relocated to the new place.

• Selling the unnecessary belongings is not just a good way of having things within the limits, but it will also make your removal a lot cheaper. In case you are not a fan of garage sales, you can always donate them for charity. The choice is up to you and you have to simply get things done in time to have a prompt and stress-free moving experience.

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