An Easy Guide With Techniques And Tips For Easy Home Removals

When you do everything by yourself or if you plan to call friends to help with assistance for lifting big heavy objects – the following tips and advises can make the moving day easier. Take a look:

– Small furniture removals should be packed and wrapped in small boxes if you want to make them easier for handling, as well as in big heavy-duty boxes if you want to save space in the moving van. Because of these completely two different opts – a great idea is to put of aside these small furnishings and objects, and to first to deal with the big ones. Take a look of the overall size of the biggest objects and furnishings, then, decide whether there will be enough space in the moving van, and after that, continue with the wrapping and sorting of the smallest objects.


– Another great tip is to fit the smallest objects and items into the biggest ones. Fill the screens and the cabinets with newspapers, toys kids, shoes, cushions or curtains maybe. One you save extra space and boxes for these yet small and light objects, two you can protect them in the meantime and all without dramatically increasing the overall weight of the big object.

– The biggest home removals like wardrobes, chairs, desks or sofas should be well protected before loading the moving van. Take all the measurement to ensure the safety of the objects during the trip, especially when it comes to a long trip like moving abroad or in a distant city. The removal boxes are only a hint of the protective solutions to keep in mind. A common technique is enwrapping entire items in old newspapers, curtains or other soft materials. Vacuum bags are another great highlight to keep in mind, especially if moving a two-, three- or more bedroom house with a lot of fabrics, blankets, clothes, etc. Protective edges for furniture are truly useful too, as well as good to protect the edges of paintings, mirrors, windows, flat TV screens and other flat fragile objects. Make also sure to have a variety of heavy-duty tapes to tight and secure the items in their removal boxes.

– Dismantling furniture is the difficult way to prepare them for the relocation, however – it’s by far the safest and most efficient way for moving with man and a van service. A great tip is to dismantle the biggest furnishings and fitness equipment at least a couple of days before the move. It will give you enough time to organize carefully the dismantled parts in their removal boxes, as well as choose the right labels and to plan what to assemble first after arriving in the new house.


– Reserve in advance enough parking space in front of the new house and tell the neighbors about the moving day so they can leave enough free space for parking the big moving van right in front the old house. One it would be easier for loading and unloading the van, two you can easily supervise the procedures when the van is closer to the front door of the house. When the van is fully loaded, don’t forget to stroll around the house and see whether there are some forgotten objects

– Get yourself a variety of sticky notes or labels with a different size, color, shape… They become truly useful when moving house with all the family members and you have to take care about dozens of small and large boxes. Use simple labels or label the boxes with the names of the rooms, according to the objects in the boxes.

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