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Domestic Removals

Moving Van Man does not move boxes, we move belongings, this is what makes our approach to removals very different. We know that your emotions are packed into the boxes we are going to life, move and place. We put care into it.

Moving is a stressful business, so we do it in a way that you don’t feel it; we make moving comfortable for you.

How we do it is no secret:

Friendly Staff
Business or otherwise, we like to be friendly to others; we are friendly to each other and like to be friendly to our customers. This approach is appreciate by most of our clients and there moving experience is really enhanced by having light hearted people around even though there is serious work being carried out. Certain customers have reported reduced levels of anxiety.

Transparent Pricing
Transparency is the best policy universally, whatever you want to do, do it transparently and you will have joy! (One of our made up wisdom quotes).
We price our jobs transparently and the customers have restored faith in humanity, peace of mind and we have a very high rate of recommendation. Join the hundreds of customers who have been there and decided to recommend us.
All our costs are stated upfront and there are no hidden costs. We believe that customers should pay what they were told they were going to pay. You can read more about our pricing in our pricing section.

Flexible Timings
Weekends, Evenings, I’m not sure, its all depends on when we get the keys, are words and phrases closely linked to house removals. We have heard them before and we are equipped to deal with them. You may need to move on a Sunday or in the evening; we understand that, just let us know and we will work around it.

Dismantling Furniture
Removal men end up becoming joiners simply because of the amount of dismantling and assembling they have to do. Big wardrobes and beds sometimes cannot be transferred without dismantling, we understand that and are always happy to help. We can not only dismantle your items, we can even assemble them if need be. If you need a hand with dismantling anything please feel free to ask and we will be there to help. Just ask the guys and the bed will be all ready for you.* These services are not automatically included in fixed quote.

City/Local Knowledge
It is important to know your streets, tight streets to difficult stairs. Experienced local companies have been there before and would be more equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstance which can appear more frequently than you may like to think.
You can be moving from a Castle, tenement flat, modern apartment, two-storey semi-detached, bungalow, three-storey mansion or even into storage – you name it and we have been there. Different stair levels, floor surfaces, narrow passages and even weather conditions effect the way a move should be conducted. Our experience with different properties equips us to assist you better.

Please see our reviews to see what our customers have to say about our moving service. To book your house removal please fill in our enquiry form and we will be there to help.

Don’t forget to see our Removal tips for moving a house.

Happy moving!